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PSP Pathways to Permanency: A Spotlight on Restoration Part 1 of 5

Research to practice

Prof. Amy Conley Wright (University of Sydney) and BJ Newton (UNSW Social Policy Research Centre)

Amy Conley Wright will present information from a review of the evidence on effective practices to support relationship building in the restoration context.

BJ Newton will highlight critical insights from research on our work with Aboriginal families and communities, and the importance of evidence building in this area.

Prof. Amy Conley Wright

Amy is Director of the Research Centre for Children and Professor of Child and Family Social Work at the University of Sydney. Her research contributes to building the evidence base on promoting children’s best interests in out-of-home care, family support and disability services, within Australia and internationally. She is currently lead Chief Investigator on the ARC Linkage project Fostering Lifelong Connections for Children in Permanent Care and Chief Investigator on the ARC Linkage project Upholding the Right to Cultural Connections for Children in Care, as well as other research projects funded by Australian Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) and Australian Institute of Criminology.


BJ Newton

BJ is a Wiradjuri woman and researcher in the area of Aboriginal child and family welfare, using participatory and Indigenous research methods. BJ completed a PhD in Social Work and Social Policy at UNSW in 2016. She has 15 years’ experience working as a researcher at the Social Policy Research Centre, works with the Social Work program at UNSW, and is the Associate Dean Indigenous of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, UNSW.

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Last modified on 12/05/2022