About Us

The PSP Learning Hub is a Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) sponsored initiative.

The PSP Learning Hub is for all casework staff working in the Permanency Support Program and is designed to deepen knowledge, develop practice skills and support sector connections.

Curijo an Aboriginal owned company led by Tina McGhie and Belinda Kendall, is the lead organisation on the PSP Learning Hub initiative. Curijo will work with their partners on this project, ECTARC and Cassey Consulting, and a team of Subject Matter Experts and staff with practice and project administration expertise to develop and implement the PSP Learning Hub.

We feel very privileged and humbled to be working with the PSP community and we’re excited about what permanency brings for children and families.

We are looking forward to strengthening and enhancing connections, knowledge and resources as we work with PSP casework staff to establish the PSP Learning Hub.

At the heart of our team’s philosophy on engagement is the Curijo methodology. The Curijo methodology is based on it’s Contemporary Songlines Model:

  • Shaping through listening and working with, to understand the story (where we’ve come from, where we are now and where we are heading).
  • Discovery, Design, and Development through building strong connections underpinned by our two-way learning philosophy that respects what each party brings to the table.
  • Delivery where we share knowledge, build relationships and implement the shared vision together.
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