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Pathways to Permanency: A Spotlight on Guardianship and Adoption – Part 1 of 6

‘On the couch’ with Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith (Director, OOHC Programs, DCJ) and Penny Haskins (Independent Practitioner)

Michelle will talk about DCJs current projects in guardianship and open adoption.

Penny Haskins

Penny Haskins is a passionate and experienced NSW practitioner in the field of Adoption, Permanent Care and Foster Care. Penny has a particular interest in how children who experience adoption come to know and understand their experiences, and how they are provided with the tools and emotional support to integrate their experience into their identity. Penny has extensive experience working with birth families, many also impacted by the child protection system, and with carers, to build whole-of-family relationships to offer the most sustainable model for continuing connection with birth family as the young person matures. Penny is experienced in training and facilitation for prospective adoptive parents as well as practitioners. Penny also provides expert consultation in adoption for the Supreme Court of NSW.

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Last modified on 16/08/2022