Interactive Webinars

  • Working with Aboriginal Children and Families in PSP

    Interactive Webinars | Training Calendar This webinar is delivered as a three-part series. The date displayed highlights the start date (see below for all dates in each series). The webinar series provides information and strategies for PSP casework staff to better understand and support Aboriginal children, […] Course Full
  • Motivational Interviewing in PSP

    Interactive Webinars | Training Calendar 02/06/2022
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Course Full
    Join us in this introductory webinar about how Motivational Interviewing can be used effectively in PSP to help families start their process of change. In this webinar, the context, process and skills used in Motivational Interviewing are explored, which may […] Course Full
  • Family Connections and Networks

    Interactive Webinars | Training Calendar This webinar builds PSP casework staff skills in exploring and strengthening the child’s connection with their family, community and how to work towards creating positive outcomes for children that are meaningful and lifelong. Course Full
  • Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Restoration

    Interactive Webinars | Training Calendar Join us for an interactive case-study discussion that explores common barriers to restoration. The webinar will require video access and individual participation from all. Course Full
  • Affidavit Writing – Key Elements

    Interactive Webinars | Training Calendar This practical training provides an opportunity for Caseworkers and Managers to learn or refresh on the key points of affidavit writing in Children’s Court care proceedings. During the webinar we will be focusing on the purpose of affidavits, evidence gathering […] Course Full
  • Multicultural influences on Parenting in PSP

    Interactive Webinars This practical webinar for caseworkers focuses on how culture influences the parent-child relationship and parenting. It also discusses how the use of a culturally responsive approach helps caseworkers support Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) parents in PSP. Other topics covered […] Course Full