Permanency in PSP: Guardianship and Adoption

July 30, 2021

Online Training Overview

This foundational training will explore permanency planning for children and young people who can’t be restored home.

Topics we will cover include:

  • the principles of permanency in Permanency Support Program (PSP) focusing on Guardianship, Adoption and Long-Term Care
  • casework considerations when planning for permanency
  • the process to achieve Guardianship
  • the process to achieve Adoption
  • and provide practical advice on how to approach conversations with children, young people, families and caregivers to help guide them through the permanency process, including supporting the assessment phase of Guardianship and Adoption.

Affidavit Writing in PSP

April 8, 2021

Online Training Overview

PSP Service Providers play a very important role in helping ensure that the Children’s Court has the best evidence to make the decisions about children and young people subject of care proceedings. The training, run by an Accredited Specialist in Children’s Law aims to:

  • provide knowledge and skills to prepare affidavits in Children’s Court care proceedings
  • explores the purpose and content of affidavits, and their role in care proceedings
  • provides participants with the opportunity to draft an affidavit based on a case study and receive feedback.

Working Effectively in Preservation and Restoration

April 8, 2021

Online Training Overview

This foundational training will explore how to work with families who are experiencing challenges so that their children can stay home or return home safely. The training will focus on understanding safety and risk and motivating change in a trauma-informed care framework. It will also look at:

  • Working with families and children
  • Theories of change/MI
  • Worry and goal statements
  • Men who use violence